Abby is one of the finest German Shepherds that I have ever had the pleasure of having around. She is 11 years old now. She communicates, even though she does not speak. She has never shown signs of human aggression but lets people who knock at the door know that their presence has been registered. Other animals however are not tolerated.

To the left is a picture of her taken about 6 years ago, in the back yard.

Below are pictures of Abby's mother and father. Her father holds 10 Schutzhund Championship IPO3 titles, 9 National and 1 International title. I've seen him in trials and he's truly amazing. There are even YouTube Videos of Zorro in competition! Ronnie Weiss is what is termed a HOT (handler owner and trainer) and is well known in Schutzhund competition.

Abby loves tennis balls. I order them from Ebay by the hundred and she's almost thru her 4th batch. I'm limiting her time fetching now because of her advancing age and she is showing deterioration of the hip joints

Here are a few of my favorite pictures:

  • Abby's Father
    Zorro vom Haus Glitzernstern

    Zorro held 10 Schutzhund Championship titles, 1 International and 9 National titles. He was IPO3 trained meaning that he was proficient and competed in tracking, protection and obedience.

    He was a magnificent beast and without Schutzhund training, you have Abby!

  • Abby's Mom Lilly

    Lilly was a beautiful animal also. She was consider a "plush", not a long coat Shepherd but not a short coat either.

    Shepherds are constant shedders. I've worn out two vacuum cleaners already but surprisingly, the Shepherds with the longer outer coat tend to shed less.

  • When I First Met Her

    Puppies are always cute, but Abby was stunningly cute!

    One of the things I was looking for was a pup that liked to retrieve tennis balls. This was an instant winner.

  • She Loves Water

    Where Abby was born, the kennel had a pond on the grounds. I understand that Lilly would take the pups daily to the pond and the result was Abby swims like a fish!

    She doesn't just get in the pool, she lays down and rolls over in it with just her nose sticking out!