WB8RNV Ham Shack

After a lot of maintenance, the amp back in the shack working like a champ! I painted the amp black to match the rest of the equipment in the shack. I know some purists just turned up their nose but the original color of battle ship gray was UGLY. Besides, I spent 6 years in the Navy and have seen my share of that color of gray enough for my life time!

  • During the project - this is where knitting entered my mind as a more relaxing hobby!
  • The oil filed cap, about 35uF/ 5kv, is in the background with the new bleeder string in front. I used four 50k/25 watt wire wounds and mounted them vertically to fit the space. The blue cap on the right side is part of the soft start circuit.
  • I installed a pair of current limiting resistors on the B+ as a safety valve in case a surge were to happen on the B+ to help hold off any serious damage. There is a small #40 gauge wire between the two nuts on the right hand side to act as a fusible link on the B+. Once again, this is a safety valve in case a short to the B+. Hard to believe a single #40 wire can handle almost legal limit!
  • My 528E. Lots of repairs were necessary. Someone soldered a paper clip in as a jumper!