edar Point

Cedar Point is a well known Amusement Park in Sandusky. It is known best for it's collection of RollerCoasters.


Abby is an AKC German Shepherd whose father "Zorro" is a Schutzsund National Champion. Picture below is Abby during Personal Protection training.

rake L4B

My Drake L4B is the best amplifier I have ever owned. It has been equipped with vacuum relays and is as quiet as a churchmouse!

enry 2K Classic

As amplifiers go the 2K Classic is iconic. However this beaut has taken more hours and solder than anything I use.

  • W 8 E R

    W8ER is a vanity call sign that I applied for after holding W9MDX for 36 years. I've held W8ER since 2005 and still slip up on occasion!

  • On The Air

    I am using an Anan 200D connected to an Intel NUC and a Drake L4B. Most of the time I operate SSB on 3660 khz.