This is the W8ER hamshack! I am using an Anan 200D and an Intel NUC7i5 is running the radio. The speakers above are JBL Lancer 88's that I have owned since 1968 and they are really great speakers. A symetrix 420 is used to bring the levels of the computer and the radio up to drive the JBL's. For a microphone I use an Electrovoice RE-320 that is handled by a Symetrix 528E to drive the Anan. I have three screens at my desk, one is for the NUC and you can see openHPSDR running on it. The other two monitors are driven by the homebrew i7-4790K that sits on the right hand side. This computer runs a host of operating systems from Linux Mint to Windows 10. Not seen is a Henry 2K Classic that has been upgraded to the Xport power supply and soon to have vacuum relays installed.

The pictures above show a little about Sandusky Ohio. Sandusky is a nice quiet city of about 26,000 people on the southern shore of Lake Erie. The first picture shows Sandusky and the peninsula jutting out at the top is Cedar Point, for which we are famous. The middle picture is "The Boy and the Boot" which is located in Washington Park, near the downtown of Sandusky. It has been the focus of the city since the late 1800's. The picture on the right is of Cedar Point, known for all of the roller coasters, many of which you see here!

  • W 8 E R

    I live in Sandusky! I was born and raised here. Except for about 25 years, Sandusky has been my home. Oh those 25 years? I lived and worked in Chicago, a beautiful and rather large city on Lake Michigan.

  • Abby

    Abby during part of her protection training.